Tanzania Beach Tours


Tanzania Beach Tours

Tanzania Beach Tours – After a dusty safari, very tiring mountains or simply for escaping cold winter times, the beach of Tanzania and the off-shore Zanzibar archipelago are perfect for some days of recovery and relaxation during your holiday. Tanzania beach tours. Zanzibar is famed for its spices and the slave trade dated back to 19th century, Zanzibar Island is much more than a stopping point on any safari itinerary, and can be seen as a destination of its and uniqueness. Zanzibar offers a unique combination of outstanding beach, along its eastern periphery, exciting activities, such as visiting a working spice farm, and the cultural enjoyments of Stone Town, with Arabian fortresses and minarets.

At the northern tip of the island is Nungwi, approached by a road lined by banana palms, mangroves and coconut trees. This is the dhow building capital of Zanzibar Island, so it is a good place to see traditional craftsmen at work. On the west coast of Zanzibar, Mangapwani beach is worth a visit, and to the east are the beach of Matemwe, Pwani Mchangani, Kiwengwa, Uroa, Bwejuu and Jambiani, all with stretches of beautiful white sands. Tanzania beach tours. Zanzibar’s brilliant white sands beach lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean provide the perfect place to relax soak up the sun and take a break from some busy sightseeing. The beaches in Zanzibar are a paradise, interspersed with picturesque fishing villages, where the people live a simple way of life, unchanged over the years. There are more than 25 fantastic beach in Zanzibar, and some are so peaceful and remote that the only noise breaking the silence is likely to be the ocean. Geographically, Zanzibar Island is only around 40mks across and 100 kms from north to south at its widest points. Featuring outstanding, powder white sands beach along its eastern shores, flanked by barrier reefs, and the UNESCO World heritage site of Stone Town on its western periphery, the island itself (Unguja in Swahili) is fairly narrow, with a ridge running through its middle from north to south. Along its eastern coastlines running protective barrier reef and then the Indian Ocean. This is where the best beach are located, all with coral white sand and gently lapping waters.

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Tanzania offers some of east Africa's very best beaches, both on the mainland and on the islands just off the coast

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