8 Days Northern Tanzania Safari

8 Days Northern Tanzania Safari


This 8 Days northern Tanzania tour is our popular Tanzania budget camping itinerary offering accommodation in tents laid on the camping ground. You’ll have a cook professionally trained for safari menus and driver tour guide will make sure that your trip is as comfortable as planned. This 8 Days northern Tanzania tour is offered in budget camping sleeping in tents to accommodate people with tight budget but need to go on a Tanzania safari tour. This is a popular affordable safari for this year; you will visit all major parks in Tanzania.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Arusha national park
After breakfast, start your tour at 09.00 am to Arusha National Park for a full day Safari. You will be able to get out of the vehicle, be accompanied by armed ranger to walk around and view the beautiful Ngurdoto Crater rim to the waterfalls. Lunch en-route then you will continue with afternoon game drive. The park boasts the Ngurdoto Crater, the Momela Lakes, Serengeti Ndogo (Little Serengeti) and the gorgeous Mt Meru. Animal sightings include herds of Zebra, Flamingo’s and a variety of other bird species, waterbucks, giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, elephants, hyenas, dik-dik, mongooses, warthogs, baboons and monkeys. The Arusha National park is also the only park where you will be able to view the long haired Colobus Monkey. There are no lions or rhinos due to poaching but you may see the occasional leopard Late afternoon drive back to Arusha for overnight. Lodging Accommodation: Arusha Tourist inn. Camping Accommodation: Sakina campsite. Meal Plan: none
Day 2: Tarangire National Park
After breakfast in your hotel, we will pick you up from Arusha and drive to the Tarangire National Park. The park, which is roughly the size of Luxemburg, covers an area of approximately 2600 km². Bush savannah, seasonal marshes and fearsome baobab trees make up the landscape of this nature reserve. The Tarangire National Park is probably one of the best places in East Africa to watch elephants and to get very close to these animals. Lodging Accommodation: Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge. Camping Accommodation: Simba Public campsite. Meal Plan: Full Board.
Day 3: Serengeti National Park
After breakfast, you will drive to the Serengeti national park. On the way, you will visit the Oldupai Gorge where the English couple, Louis and Mary Leak, pioneered archaeological excavation work. In the sixties, some of the earliest archaeological deposits of human evolution were found here and a small museum (visit optional at extra cost) reports these discoveries. After Olduvai you will drive to Serengeti national park, the name “Serengeti” origins from the Masai word “Siringiti” meaning “endless plains”. You can see why the Masai gave this region this name as the grassland savannah stretches to the horizon in the South and is only interrupted by the so-called Kopjes (rock out crops) just like an island in the sea of grasses. In the afternoon, you will reach the destination for the day and keep driving around the Seronera Valley in the central Serengeti area until sunset. Lodging Accommodation: Serengeti Osupuko Lodge. Camping Accommodation: Nyani Public campsite. Meal Plan: Full Board.
Day 4: Serengeti National Park
This day is only dedicated to wildlife watching in the Serengeti National Park. Depending on the migration of the herds, you will visit these specific areas to sight the animals. The fluctuation in annual rainfall can affect the animal’s location from year to year; however, your guide will know the exact location of the animals and the best vantage spots. Lodging Accommodation: Serengeti Osupuko Lodge. Camping Accommodation: Nyani Public campsite. Meal Plan: Full Board.
Day 5: Full day in Serengeti National Park
This day will be spent in Serengeti sighting animals in different locations and time. You will start the game drives at 6 am after an early breakfast and spend the whole day inside the park. Depending on time of the year you will see migration of huge herds of wildebeest migration dotted by zebras on the Serengeti open plains. Lodging Accommodation: Serengeti Osupuko Lodge. Camping Accommodation: Nyani Public campsite. Meal Plan: Full Board
Day 6: Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro
After breakfast, you will continue the game drive through the Serengeti National Park. You will sight hundreds of wildebeests and zebras and often lions and other big cats such as leopards and cheetahs in the Seronera Valley. After lunch at a picnic site, you will drive in the direction of the Ngorongoro. Lodging Accommodation: Ngorongoro Rhino Camping Accommodation: Simba Public campsite. Meal Plan: Full Board.
Day 7: Ngorongoro Crater
After an early breakfast at daybreak, you will drive down into the caldera of the Ngorongoro crater. Inside the world’s biggest caldera, you cannot fail to be captivated by the rich and diverse wildlife. Quite often you can observe the “Big Five” (lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinoceros and leopards) within a couple of hours. After an extensive wildlife tour and a picnic lunch, you will leave the caldera in the afternoon and travel to the small village of Mto wa Mbu that is situated directly at the border to the Lake Manyara National Park. Lodging Accommodation: Eileen’s Tree Lodge. Camping Accommodation: Twiga Public campsite. Meal Plan: Full Board.
Day 8: Lake Manyara then to Arusha
After breakfast, you will do game drive inside Lake Manyara. The name Manyara comes from the Maasai word “emanyara”, which stands for euphorbia species of plant that is grown into a hedge around a family homestead (Euphorbia tirucalli). The name “is a Masai description not for the lake, but in general for a lake shore region. Lake Manyara is a scenic gem, with a setting extolled by Ernest Hemingway as “the loveliest I had seen in Africa”. From the entrance gate, the road winds through an expanse of lush jungle-like groundwater forest where hundred-strong baboon troops lounge indifferently along the roadside, blue monkeys scamper lightly between the ancient mahogany trees, graceful bushbuck tread carefully through the shadows. Inland of the floodplain, a narrow belt of acacia woodland is the favoured worry of Manyara’s legendary tree-climbing lions and impressively tusked elephants and then later drive back to Arusha reaching there at approximately 4pm. Depending on your schedule we will drop you off at the airport on time for your flight back home. Lodging Accommodation: none. Camping Accommodation: none. Meal Plan: Breakfast and Lunch.




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    Ladislav B
    Ladislav B
    Mount Meru a Kilimandžáro 2023 Absolvoval jsem nejprve Meru Peak a následně Kilimanjaro - Machame. Měl jsem trochu obavy z výškové nemoci, ale v této kombinaci byla aklimatizace naprosto dostatečná.. Vše zařizováno přes Serengeti Joy Tours a vše bylo zařízeno perfektně - počínaje cestou z letiště po přiletu na letiště až k návratu na letiště při odletu . Ač jsem tam jel možná trochu s obavami (můj první výlet do Afriky), vše dopadlo nad očekávání. Průvodci solidní, zkušení, "číšníci" starostliví, jidlo perfektní a hodně - ani jsem ho často nedokázal dojíst. Obdivuji kuchaře v takovýchto podmínkách. Rozhodně mohu Serengeti Joy Tours jen doporučit. Láďa B.
    Ladislav B
    Ladislav B
    the service level is very good. communication and pleasant staff Hiking on the summit of Kili was amazing and with Serengeti Joy Tours it was comfortable and well organized.
    Milan S
    Milan S
    Great Kilimanjaro & Safari trip Great vacation, excellent organization by Serengeti Joy Tours. We appreciated the entire Angelica´s support & responsivness ! We definitely recommend!
    Petr P
    Petr P
    Kilimanjaro + Safari Zrealizovat výstup na Kilimanjaro, kdy nápad přišel dva měsíce před plánovaným termínem, se ukázalo jako nereálné v režii českých cestovek. Jen náhodou jsme našli stránky Serengeti Joy Tours v českém jazyce a kontakt na jejich zástupce pana Kočvaru, který nás už do telefonu ujistil, že u této společnosti není nic nemožné zařídit. Při osobní schůzce nám zodpověděl na veškeré dotazy a na základě našich představ naprosto precizně připravil plán cesty. Musíme říct, že i když jsme díky jeho přístupu měli vysoké očekávání od služeb této společnosti, tak skutečnost ji mnohonásobně předčila. Od příletu až do odletu jsme měli naprosto dokonalý servis v podobě transferů, kvality ubytování a především osobního přístupu všech, kteří se o nás starali. Zvláště bychom chtěli poděkovat našim dvěma skvělým průvodcům Omarovi, Frankovi, díky kterým jsme stanuli na vrcholu nejvyšší hory Afriky. Byla to ale i zásluha celého podpůrného týmu, je neuvěřitelné, co dokázal v daných podmínkách vykouzlit kuchař Joshua a jaký servis nám k tomu poskytoval Moses. Po zdolání Kilimanjara jsme si dopřáli týden v národních parcích a opět vše klapalo na jedničku. Náš řidič a průvodce v jednom Peter prokazoval takové znalosti místní flóry a fauny, že by mohl okamžitě přednášet na univerzitě. K tomu všemu jsme se několikrát potkali s majitelkou společnosti Angelicou a kromě příjemného setkání nám vyšla ochotně vstříc i s některými dodatečnými požadavky nad rámec běžné nabídky. Jednoduše můžeme služby Serengeti Joy Tours jen doporučit, byl to naprosto jedinečný zážitek se skvělými lidmi.
    Ladislav V
    Ladislav V
    Serengheti Joy Tours made our TNZ holiday great We organized our holiday with this agency in summer 2023. We spent 8 days in Tanzania, five days of which were safari. Agency came up with program exactly as we expected and wanted it to be. Two days before the safari itself we spent 2 days around cities Arusha and Moshi. Everything was always perfectly arranged. Drivers were always at time with smile and willing to help. The owner lady Angelica is very nice person and along with her staff they form a dreamteam to handle your stay in Tanzania.
    Petr B
    Petr B
    Safari 6 dní Ahoj, absolvovali jsme 6 denní Safari, NP Tarangire, Serengeti, kráter Ngorongoro, lake Manyara, včetně návštěvy Masajské vesnice, všechno klaplo na jedničku, co se týká programu a vůbec celkově je Afrika a safari v Serengeti úžasné a rozhodně překonalo naši představivost. Angelica je fajn člověk, osobně jsme se setkali dvakrát a naši průvodci jak kuchař, tak řidič a průvodce v jednom zaslouží obrovské poděkování, za to jak řešili veškeré problémy a záležitosti. Serengeti Joy Tours můžu jenom doporučit, určitě stojí za to s nimi cestovat.
    Štěpán M
    Štěpán M
    Climbing to Kilimanjaro Great boss Angelica and her amazing team of guides, cooks and porters. I recommend it for climbing Kilimanjaro!
    Nico D
    Nico D
    A fantastic excursion to the top of Africa (Kilimanjaro) - Lemosho route in 6 days TLDR: Great company with professional and approachable guides, good equipment, and a motivated team to make your dream of hiking Kili become reality We had heard about Serengeti Joy through other friends and booked our trip in June 2023 based on their recommendation. Booking via email was simple and the Serengeti Joy team was responsive in addressing all our concerns. Once getting to Kilimanjaro airport, we were picked up and one of our guides met us at the hotel for a pre-climb briefing. We discussed last details and off we went the next day. Our team of two guides (Ackley and Jonas), seven porters (Charles, Donald, David, Kevin, Lucman, Moses, Oskar, Thyson) and our chef (Chadrek) went out of their way to make sure our experience was smooth and comfortable. It was incredible to see how hard the team worked to support us on this trip and it definitely would not have been possible without them. For our guides, we opted to take two along in case one of us would fall sick (which luckily did not happen). While being fun and easy to talk to, safety was the #1 concern for Ackley and Jonas and we felt super comfortable throughout the trip knowing that we had these two seasoned mountaineers with us. After the trip, we were dropped off at our hotel again and will continue our journey within Africa from here. Overall, it was a stunning experience and the team of Serengeti Joy and especially our mountain team made it a vacation to remember. Asante sana again for making our dream come true????
    Jan M
    Jan M
    Amazing The Kilimanjaro hike was a great experience. We had excelent guides (Frank and Francis) who were ready to help at any accassion.
    Eva B
    Eva B
    Safari Selous a Mikumi Vo februári 2023 sme s priateľom a kamarátmi absolvovali Safari v parku Selous a Mikumi. Safari bolo súčasťou dlhšej dovolenky v Tanzánii a nakoľko sme mali ďaľšie plány na Zanzibare tak nám v Serengeti Joy Tours vymysleli program na mieru. Stran organizácie musím veľmi pochváliť celý team cestovky - od majiteľky, ktorá sa s nami celú dobu komunikovala jak emailom tak telefonicky a kontrolovala bezproblémový priebeh cesty. Z česka s nami komunikoval pán Kočvara, takže i anglicky nehovoriaci zákaznící niesu žiadny problém. V neposlednom rade musíme veľmi pochváliť našeho sprievodcu Jimmyho, ktorý sa o nás po celú dobu staral, plnil všetky naše priania a odpovedal na záplavu otázok. Parky dokonale poznal, takže nám zabezpečil komplexný a nezabudnuteľný zážitok. I napriek návšteve mimo hlavnú sezónu sme videli celé spektrum zvierat, ktoré Afrika a Tanzánia ponúka - stáda slonov, žiráf, zebier, gaziel, pakoňov, byvolov, hrochov, samozrejme hromady opíc a vtákov, celé rodiny levov a dokonca i leoparda. Park Selous je viac lesnatý (súčasťou bolo i safari na rieke, čo má rozhodne svoje kúzlo), v Mikumi Vás už čaká klasická savana. S ohľadom na ročné obdobie nie je príroda tak vyprahnutá, ale plná zelene, takže zvieratá sa spokojne kŕmia všade naokolo Vás. V neposlednom rade musíme veľmi pochváliť ubytovanie a stravu, ktorá bola na veľmi vysokej úrovni. Bývali sme v chatkách s komplexným sociálnym zariadením, dokonca v Mikumi bola i klimatizácia. Stravovanie bolo formou bufetu, v Selous nám dokonca priamo do parku priviezli teplý obed a vychladené nápoje. Keď to mám celé stručne zhrnúť tak cestovnú kanceláriu Serengeti Joy Tours rozhodne doporučujem, určite nebudete sklamaní, safari si užijete naplno a odnesiete si nezabudnuteľné spomienky. Ešte raz celému teamu krásne ďakujeme!
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